Bailard pursues opportunities where we perceive a definable advantage. We build upon innovative approaches that seek to enhance returns and manage risks while helping meet our clients’ needs. As a values-driven firm, we are proud to foster this mindset throughout our asset management services.

Our Approach

At Bailard, we specialize in—and have built a long-term track record in—domestic and international equities, fixed income, private real estate, and sustainable, responsible and impact investing strategies. Across our investment strategies we employ quantitative and qualitative elements to build portfolios we believe are best-suited to achieve our clients’ goals while reflecting their risk tolerance and values.

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Research Highlights

GenAI is an accelerant to cybersecurity threats — here's where the opportunity lies for institutional investors

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or “GenAI,” has captured the world’s imagination. We have written extensively on the trend and believe it will catalyze a sharp increase in productivity of knowledge workers. We are already seeing strong evidence of impact in several industries. Unfortunately, we also believe GenAI will serve as an accelerant to cybersecurity threats. Like strong winds in a forest fire, this will further enflame an already roiling threat landscape, enhancing the need for cybersecurity solutions and serving as a tailwind to cybersecurity demand. EVP of Domestic Equities and Head of Technology Investing Dave Harrison Smith, CFA pens this byline in Pensions & Investments.

NAREIM Dialogues, “Serving the Middle”

The growing pool of middle-income earners, rising barriers to home ownership, and historically low supply make “Attainable A” multifamily housing an attractive proposition. However, construction costs, labor supply, regulations, and NIMBYism are challenges.

“How Company Size Bias in ESG Scores Impacts the Small Cap Investor", published in The Journal of Impact and ESG Investing

While it is well known that ESG scores tend to have a size bias which favors the larger companies among the universe of large capitalization stocks – does this bias exist in the small cap space? Our small cap value ESG equity team examines this topic and how investors can create better performing, size-neutral small cap portfolios.

Investment Strategies

Real Estate

Bailard real estate strives to outperform by uncovering value, focusing on fundamentals at acquisition, and actively managing every property throughout its life cycle.


Across U.S. and International equities, we pursue strategies with disciplined, consistent, and repeatable methodologies.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies seek to preserve capital while providing stable and predictable income streams.

Wealth Management Portfolios

Bailard’s in-house researchers develop robust, multi-asset class portfolios on behalf of our Wealth Management clients. Rooted in the risk and return characteristics of each asset class, portfolios are tailored to clients’ goals and values.

Our Team

“Bailard’s greatest attribute is an openness to using the right approach for the job at hand. This is a place where diverse ideas and backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated. In fact, it’s one reason we’ve chosen to remain independent and why over two-thirds of our employees are also owners in our company. It’s our culture that fosters collaboration and enables innovation to flourish in order to produce our best ideas and deliver for our clients.”

—Eric Leve, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
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There is no guarantee Bailard or any of its strategies will achieve performance or investment objectives. Real estate is not suitable for all investors. This is not an offer. Past performance is no indication of future results. All investments have the risk of loss. There are risks involved in investing, including the risk of loss and the risk that the market value of your investments will fluctuate as the stock, bond, and real estate markets fluctuate. U.S. equity strategies are subject to style, size, and sector risks, for example the securities of technology-dependent companies tend to be substantially more volatile than the rest of the market. International and emerging market equities are subject to increased risks due to economic or political instability, differences in accounting principles, and fluctuating exchange rates, with heightened risks for emerging markets. Fixed income risks include but are not limited to interest rate, issuer, inflation, credit and liquidity risks. Real estate risks include fluctuations in supply and demand, inexact valuations, and illiquidity. An investor may lose all or a substantial portion of the investment.

These represent some, but not all, of the potential risks related to the investment areas noted; additional information is available in Bailard, Inc.’s Form ADV Part 2A. There can be no assurance that any Bailard strategy will achieve its investment or performance objectives. Bailard can give no assurances that they will achieve their investment objectives. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) incur management fees and expenses that will be in addition to Bailard’s management fees. The price at which an ETF trades on the exchange may sometimes differ significantly from its net asset value.