Bailard has built a long‐term asset management track record across domestic and international equities, fixed income, private real estate, and sustainable, responsible and impact investing strategies. We proudly serve a range of investors, from institutions and foundations to government entities, retirement plans, multi-generations of families, and individuals.


Backed by extensive testing – and mindful that risk can create opportunity – we create strategies where we perceive a competitive edge and are designed to prevail in most environments. Our specialized teams apply both quantitative and qualitative measures in an effort to capture performance and limit downside exposure.

Real Estate

Bailard has over 40 years of experience investing in real estate and—during that broad sweep—has navigated five full real estate market cycles. The team’s size and structure enable it to be nimble, flexible, and opportunistic when executing its investment and portfolio management strategies. We proudly manage an open-end diversified core strategy focused on maximizing long-term total return, and have launched a closed-end development-focused multifamily strategy seeking to invested select growth markets.

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Each equity strategy features a team with deep sector expertise that pursues disciplined, consistent, and repeatable methodologies. Bailard offers domestic equity strategies across various market capitalizations, via dedicated ESG and impact strategies, as well as in specialized, opportunistic areas such as the technology sector. Our international equity strategies capture a broad range of international investment opportunities incorporating country, sector, and individual security considerations to produce a range of portfolios, including dedicated ESG.

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Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies seek to preserve capital while providing stable and predictable income streams for both taxable and tax-exempt accounts. Our process starts with a top-down analysis of market drivers such as interest rate cycles, sector trends, and valuations, and pays careful attention to structural stresses as a risk-mitigation measure.

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Wealth Management Portfolios

Whether your focus is income, capital preservation, or growth, our wealth management portfolios are constructed to help achieve your goals. With strategic options ranging from stable, low volatility assets to more aggressive investments, we construct customized portfolios tailored to your return requirements, risk tolerance and tax sensitivity. Our wealth management portfolios are typically utilized by families, individuals, foundations, and endowments.

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Customized Solutions

Existing and New Strategies
At Bailard, we seek to continually innovate our investment offerings as new opportunities arise, and as the world changes and so do our clients’ needs. We offer additional investment strategies, and we can customize many of our existing strategies. Customized strategies developed for our clients include Large Cap Equity Income, a dividend-focused strategy, and Broad Impact, a society-first focused strategy that seeks to provide capital appreciation. We have also built growth and income infrastructure strategies focused on companies we believe are critical for near- and longer-term building globally, as well as a green, social, sustainable fixed income strategy.

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Many of the above strategies can be offered through separate accounts, funds, sub-advised institutional mutual funds, and other vehicles, and can be used by a variety of clients from institutions to families and individuals.

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Real estate and specialized investment strategies are not appropriate for all investors.

Past performance is no indication of future results. All investments involve a risk of loss. There are risks involved in investing, including the risk of loss and the risk that the market value of your investments will fluctuate as the stock, bond, and real estate markets fluctuate. U.S. equity strategies are subject to style, size, and sector risks, for example the securities of technology-dependent companies tend to be substantially more volatile than the rest of the market. International and emerging market equities are subject to increased risks due to economic or political instability, differences in accounting principles, and fluctuating exchange rates, with heightened risks for emerging markets. Fixed income risks include but are not limited to interest rate, issuer, inflation, credit and liquidity risks. Real estate risks include fluctuations in supply and demand, inexact valuations, and illiquidity. An investor may lose all or a substantial portion of the investment.

These represent some, but not all, of the potential risks related to the investment areas noted; additional information is available in Bailard, Inc.’s Form ADV Part 2A. There can be no assurance that any Bailard strategy will achieve its investment or performance objectives. Bailard can give no assurances that they will achieve their investment objectives. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) incur management fees and expenses that will be in addition to Bailard’s management fees. The price at which an ETF trades on the exchange may sometimes differ significantly from its net asset value.