Bailard in Pensions & Investments, “GenAI is an accelerant to cybersecurity threats — here’s where the opportunity lies for institutional investors”

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or “GenAI,” has captured the world’s imagination. We have written extensively on the trend and believe it will catalyze a sharp increase…

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Exploring the Possibilities of Generative AI

Dave Harrison Smith, CFA, Executive Vice President, Domestic Equities, and Head of Technology Research delves into—both massive and more mundane—potential advancements, impacts, and risks as…

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When Tech and Environmental, Social,Governance (ESG) Investing Intersect

Dave Harrison Smith, CFA, Executive Vice President, Domestic Equities and lead Portfolio Manager of Bailard’s technology strategies, explores the subtleties and depth required to uncover…

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A cellphone in the middle of executing an email, on a table with crayons and drawings.

Technological Transformation of Working from Home

Dave Harrison Smith, CFA, Senior Vice President of Domestic Equity Research June 30, 2020 “What’s happening to the office? Technology has made it possible to redefine where work is done. The…

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What the Tech: A Recap of the Past Quarter and Our Outlook Ahead

Dave Harrison Smith, CFA | Senior Vice President, Domestic Equities | Bailard, Inc. Market Sector Update The abrupt sell off of global equities in February set multiple records for all the…

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The Pace and Price of Innovation

David H. Smith, CFA, Senior Vice President, Domestic Equities Matt Johnson, Vice President, Healthcare Investments at Bailard December 31, 2019 It’s hard to remember our lives without modern…

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