Fintech: The Engine Accelerating Financial Inclusion Across the Unbanked and Underbanked

Eric Greco, Equity Analyst, explains how the advancements of fintech companies are helping to provide the unbanked and underbanked with access to a broader range of often-crucial financial…

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A computer keyboard, cell phone, and blocks spelling

Bitcoin, Blockchain & DLT… Oh My!

Understanding the terminology and technology behind cryptocurrency Eric Greco, Portfolio Associate December 31, 2020 The surge in cryptocurrency prices witnessed in the second half of…

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Contactless Payments Rising: An Investing Trend During Coronavirus

It’s been seven decades since the advent of the modern day credit card in 1950 by the Diners Club. Since then, numerous countries have jettisoned cash and pivoted towards digital payments as…

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Looking down on a contactless payment transaction, where payment is being made at the counter with a cell phone.

Contactless Payments: The Catalyst has Arrived

Eric Greco, Portfolio Associate September 30, 2020 Over the last decade, we have seen rapid global adoption of a superior form of digital payments. Known as “contactless payments,” “tap to…

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