Please see page 19 for Sonya’s profile by the Family Wealth Report. The awards program is designed to showcase excellence in the North American wealth sector, and how entrants put their case forward can often be very revealing about the qualities on display. The Family Wealth Report Awards 2023 and 2022 judging process was conducted by expert panels and consist of judges from family offices, private banks, trusted advisers, consultants and other service providers each of whom has in-depth knowledge and a broad experience. The judging process is organized in a way so as to avoid conflicts of interest, and no judge will be asked to review a submission from an organization competitive to their own. Every submission is carefully reviewed to ensure the best companies and individuals are selected as winners in each category, whilst commercially sensitive information is kept confidential. This recognition does not evaluate the quality of services provided to clients and is not indicative of Bailard’s future performance; there was no fee to enter.