The Bailard Foundation continues to be a bright spot of the Bailard community. In the last year, the Foundation donated over $197,200 to 22 charities and held seven successful volunteer events. The Bailard Foundation highlights the best of Bailard in a genuine way by putting its community first, showing compassion to those in need, and always going the extra mile for others.

The focus areas of giving for the Foundation remain affordable housing, homelessness and poverty, and financial literacy. In its four years since inception, the Foundation has made over $454,700 in impact grants. This giving is a combination of support from Bailard, its clients, employees, and friends of the Firm.

In this fourth year, the members of the Board worked to increase community engagement with additional volunteer opportunities. In-person engagement became easier as COVID subsided across the country and the Bailard team took full advantage of the ability to be in person. Volunteer opportunities included teaching financial literacy to high school students, volunteering twice with Bay Area food banks, physical labor with Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco, and co-hosting two Pride celebrations for a homeless shelter network in San Francisco alongside Bailard’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.

The Foundation also worked to establish routine donations for ten charities to provide consistent financial support, while maintaining a portion of its annual funds to be used for just-in-time donations. This allows the charities to rely on funding as part of their annual budgets and helps disseminate the funds in a reliable way, while preserving our ability to react to real-time needs as they arise. In the coming year, the Foundation will continue to evaluate new charities and offer new volunteer events.

Bailard Foundation Giving Since Inception, as of 6/30/2023Volunteer Events

The Foundation held its largest volunteer event in April with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco: 33 Bailard colleagues participated, representing over half of the Firm’s locally-based employees. In what is also a treasured opportunity to work together, the group designed and constructed three playhouses, which were donated to Mission Neighborhood Center and also provided funds to help build eight permanently affordable homes in the Bay Area.

The Foundation’s most recent volunteer event was held in late June in conjunction with Bailard’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee in celebration of Pride Month. Bailard teammates helped to bring a celebration of the Month to A Woman’s Place. A Woman’s Place provides the only 24-hour supportive residential services in San Francisco, providing emergency shelter and long-term treatment to all women, regardless of their special needs.

Bailard has collectively donated more than 240 volunteer hours since it began hosting employee events one year ago in June 2022.

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco April 21, 2023

The Bailard Foundation supports initiatives that the Firm, its employees, and its clients value, as we seek to collectively improve the communities in which we live, work, and engage. The Bailard Foundation has a board of directors that is led by chairwoman Terri Bailard, widow of Firm co-founder Tom Bailard, and features both select friends of Bailard, Inc. and employees.