Chat with the CIO: After a headline-grabbing year, 2023 calls for patience and discipline

Chief Executive Officer, Sonya Mughal, CFA, chats with Chief Investment Officer, Eric Leve, CFA, about…

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Chat with the CIO: What is Normal, and When Will It Be Here?

Bailard’s SVP and Chief Strategist – Wealth Management, Jon Manchester, CFA, CFP® and Chief…

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Chat with the CIO: Can Bonds be the Comeback Kid for 2022?

Bailard’s SVP and Director of Fixed Income, Linda Beck, CFA, chats with Chief Investment Officer,…

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Chat with the CIO

A Reckoning of Global Priorities: The Changing Calculus of Climate Change and Geopolitics

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Chat with the CIO: Shifting Tides in the ESG Landscape

This quarter dives into the investment community’s increased…

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Chat with the CIO: The Strangest Recession in History Creates a Messy Inflation Puzzle

This quarter features a point-counterpoint with Frank Marcoux,…

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Chart 1, A long view of Inflation.

Inflation Is Not a Dirty Word

Inflation is a word that tends to strike fear into consumers and investors alike. For Americans, the trauma of the last major inflationary period in the 1970s still resonates. But economists…

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A Bumpy Road Around the Globe

Eric P. Leve, CFA, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer March 31, 2021 This is a story of evolution or, in some cases, the lack thereof. Our tale will begin in 1997, the…

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Headshots of Eric Leve, Selena Chaisson and

Chat with the CIO: Finding Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this quarter’s Chat with the CIO, Eric P. Leve speaks with…

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